Welcome to the NJ Jays Baseball Program

The NJ Jays are a highly competitve travel baseball program based out of Flemington Baseball and Softball Academy in Flemington, NJ.

NJ Jays Team Accomplishments

Season Year Accomplishment
Fall 2018 16U 2nd Place - USABL Back 2 School
Fall 2018 14U 2nd Place - USABL Back 2 School
Summer 2018 13U Champions - USABL Summer Slam
Summer 2018 17U Champions - USABL Jersey Battle
Summer 2018 16U Champions - Rutgers Tournament of Champions
Summer 2018 15U 2nd Place - BBC Tournament
Summer 2017 18U 2nd Place - Rider/Rutgers University Mid-Atlantic Select
Summer 2017 16U Champions - Frazier Qualifier
Summer 2017 18U Champions - Tag Em Beach Blast
Summer 2017 14U 2nd Place - Diamond Nation Best Show on Turf
Summer 2017 15U Champions - ECTB Clash of Champions
Summer 2017 17U 2nd Place - Tri-State Regional Championship Triple Crown
Summer 2017 18U 2nd Place - Maplezone Philadelphia Freedom
Summer 2017 15U Champions - Rider University Mid Atlantic Elite
Summer 2016 18U Champions - Stars and Stripes
Summer 2016 16U Champions - Stars and Stripes
Summer 2016 15U 2nd Place - Stars and Stripes 
Summer 2016 14U Champions - USABL Powerhouse Classic
Summer 2016 17U 2nd Place - BBC Tournament, Branchburg NJ
Fall 2015 14U Champions - USABL Central Jersey Saturday League
Fall 2015 18U Champions - Tag Em Fall Showcase
Summer 2015 18U Champions - ECTB National Championship, Allentown PA
Summer 2015 14U Champions - Pyramid League
Summer 2015 14U 2nd Place - Staten Island Slugfest
Summer 2015 16U 2nd Place - Staten Island Slugfest
Summer 2015 14U 2nd Place - ECTB Clash of Champions
Summer 2015 16U Champions - Beach Blast, Red Bank, NJ
Summer 2015 14U 2nd Place - Beach Blast, Red Bank, NJ 
Summer 2015 16U Champions - BBC Tournament, Branchburg, NJ 
Winter 2015 Varsity League Champions - Diamond Nation
Fall 2014 18U Champions - Diamond Nation Fall Brawl
Fall 2014 16U Champions - ECTB Columbus Day Bash
Fall 2014 16U 2nd Place - ECTB Battle of the Bats
Summer 2014 15U 2nd Place - Diamond Nation World Series - Silver Division 
Fall 2013 18U Champions, Fall Fever, Hit Dr. Hamilton, NJ
Summer 2013 14U Champions, Pyramid Baseball League
Summer 2013 16U 2nd Place - National Championship Series, Allentown, PA
Summer 2013 18U Champions, Mid Atlantic Showdown, Baseball Heaven, NY
Summer 2013 18U 2nd Place - Beach Blast, Red Bank, NJ
Summer 2013 16U 2nd Place - Beach Blast, Red Bank, NJ
Summer 2013 14U 2nd Place - Independence Day Bash, ECTB, Allentown, PA
Winter 2013 18U Diamond Nation Winter League Champions
Fall 2012 13U Bridgewater Fall League Champions
Summer 2012 18U 2nd Place - Seahorse Showdown, Rehoboth DE
Summer 2012 18U 2nd Place - Bases Loaded Showdown, ECTB, Allentown, PA
Summer 2012 15U 3rd Place - Bases Loaded Showdown, ECTB, Allentown, PA
Summer 2012 

Matt Busher
Garrison LeGros
Grant Sible 
Chris Murdock
Scott Becker
Ryan Cahill
Marcus Celiano
Andrew Case
Christian Perna
Kevin Johnson
John Wilson
Jake Twill
Luke Twill
Tyler Kroll
Mike White
Sean Morris
Austin Arndt
Bryan Carmon
Brian Cole
Tim Heard
Shayne Fontana
Ethan Kornbrek
Nick Marini
Matt Pasko
Erik Rano 
Nick Luciano
Alex Julian
Chris Fiaschetti
Justin Trinity
CJ Rasile
Reed Williams

Old Dominion University
Kutztown University
College of New Jersey
Union College
Marywood University
Misericordia University
Alvernia University
Mercer CC
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Scranton University
Old Dominion University
Dickinson College
Ursinus College
Shenandoah University
Desales University
Misercordia University
Kean University
University of Scranton
Kean University
Moravian College
Kean University
College of NJ
Queens College
Mt. St. Mary's
Mercer County
Franklin Marshall

NJ Jays Alumni

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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Flemington Baseball & Softball Academy, home of the NJ Jays, is located at 47 Maple Ave., Flemington NJ 08822. You may contact us via the phone at 908-751-5425 or through our website at:

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14U 10-11:30am
15U 11:30-1pm
16U 1-2:30pm
17/18U 2:30-4pm

*make-up slot 4-5:30pm


13U 12-1:30pm

*make-up slot 1:30-3pm

** Please register even if you are unable to attend so you are in the sytem for a call-back evaluation.

$20 Registration Fee - cash, check and/or PayPal, Venmo.


Danny Dunn

Colin Faherty